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December 2018

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 KPV SERVER V 12.4.4

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PostSubject: KPV SERVER V 12.4.4   Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:22 pm

whats new in v12.4.4?
* all commands updated! [ but old commands is work ];
* 22 language;
* support to all jabber clients;
* remove all: members list, ban list, admin list, owner list
* save backup: members list, ban list, admin list, owner list
* anti terror flood v4
* quiz top score updated!
* quiz top time updated!
* Now you can remote your bot in pvt [without you in room]
* save all settings, points, masters, wc list...etc
* wikipedia
* google translite
* tic-tac-toe game
* snake game
* Bible
* jokes
* bugs fixed



all commands:
k@id = to kick

b@id = to ban
m@id = to grant member
a@id = to grant admin
o@id = to grant owner
n@id = to grant none v@id = to remove voice
uv@id = to grant voice
md@id = to grant moderator
bip@id = to ban ip
sb@Welcome! = put subject in room
ac@lk = lock the room
d@lk = unlock the room
ls@lk = show current password of room
ac@am = enable automatic member
d@am = disable automatic member
ac@ab = enable automatic ban
d@ab = disable automatic ban
ac@ak = enable automatic kick
d@ak = disable automatic kick
ac@iclm = includes members in ban settings
d@iclm = no includes members in ban setttings
mas@id = add master
dm@id = remove master
ls@mas = list all masters
wa@%u welcome to my room %r = add message of welcome
wr@%u welcome to my room %r = remove message of welcome
clear@wc = delete all welcome list
ls@wc = list all messages of welcome
ac@wc = enable welcome
d@wc = disable welcome
ac@wp = enable Welcome in private
d@wp = disable Welcome in private
ac@wn = enable welcome nickname
d@wn = disable welcome nickname
ac@wm = enable welcome to masters
ac@wm = disable welcome to masters
wma@%u welcone master = add message of welcome to masters
wmr@%u welcone master = remove message of welcome to masters
clear@wm = delete all welcome list of masters
ls@wm = list all message of welcome to masters
ac@msg = enable automatic message
d@msg = disable automatic message
tm@120 = set interval in seconds of automatic message
amsg@message = add automatic message
rmsg@message = remove automatic message
clear@msg = delete all list of automatic message
ls@msg = list all automatic messages mx@200 = size maximum of the message
mu@15 = size maximum of username
mr@20 = size maximum of resource
su@fu** = add sensors of users
rsu@fu** = remove sensors of users
ls@su = list all sensors of users sr@fu** = add sensors of resource
rsr@F*u*c+k = remover sensors of resource ls@sr = list all sensors of resource
sm@fu** = add sensors of messages
rsm@fu** = remover sensors of messages
ls@sm = list all sensors of messages
ac@su** = enable sensors of users ac@sr = enable sensors of resource
ac@sm = enable sensors of messages
d@su = disable sensors of users
d@sr = disable sensors of resource
d@sm = disable sensors of messages
ac@ban = enable sensors to ban
d@ban = disable sensors to ban
ac@kick = enable sensors to kick
d@kick = disable sensors to kick
ac@mute = enable sensors to mute
d@mute = disable sensors to mute
ac@af = enable antiflood
d@af = disable antiflood
u@l = unblock the last user block
r@o = remove all owners
r@a = remove all administrators
r@m = remove all members
r@b = remove all banned
rs@o = restore all owners
rs@a = restore all administrators
rs@m = restore all members
rs@b = restore all banned
sv@o = save all owners in the folder backup
sv@a = save all administrators in the folder backup
sv@m = save all members in the folder backup
sv@b = save all banned in the folder backup
ac@mq = enable question for get member
d@mq = disable question for get member
ad@id = add user
rm@id = remove user
ac@ad = enable automatic added
d@ad = disable automatic added
ac@mo = activate: members only
d@mo = disable: members only
ls@u = list all users in the room
ls@ur = list users and resource in the room
ac@rp = enable reports
d@rp = disable reports
ac@logs = enable historic
d@logs = disable historic
show@logs see historic of the room
ac@iv = enable automatic invite
d@iv = disable automatic invite
say@hi = test bot
ac@all = enable commands for all users, note: just commands in h20 and h21
d@all = disable commands for all users
ac@int = enable bot interact
d@int = disable bot interact
nick@id = make nickname with style
wiki@brazil = search in wikipedia
tr@obrigado por usar meu servidor = translite all language for your language
avatar@id = see photo users
lv@id1:id2 = check love
s@brasil = search rooms
get@brasil = get users in room
p@id = see profile
se@id = search usernames
c@id = see user date of creation
cl@id = see user contacts
ac@quiz = enable quiz
d@quiz = disable quiz
qt@20 = set quiz interval
next@ = next quiz question score = see your points
score@id = see points of same user
top@score = see top score
top@time = see top time
world@score = see world top score
world@time = see world top time
top@rooms = see rooms with more points
ac@jokes = enable jokes

d@jokes = disable jokes
jt@20 = set jokes interval
ac@bible = enable bible
d@bible = disable bible
bt@20 = set bible interval
ac@tictactoe = enable tictactoe game
d@tictactoe = disable tictactoe
ac@snake = enable snakes and ladders game
d@snake = disable snakes and ladders game
snake@help = see snakes and ladders help
j@brasil = join another room
save@ = save all settings and points
reset@ = reset all settings and points
ac@as = enable automatic save settings
d@as = disable automatic save settings
load@ = load all settings and points
restart@ = restart bot
quit@ = exit bot
about@ = about server
ac@amute = enable automatic mute
d@amute = disable automatic mute
ac@terror = active anti terror flood
d@terror = disable anti terror flood

KPV SERVER V 12.4.4 Created by kaspavore@n.c
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